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Words of Advice for Recruitment by Taylor Soviero

As the first member of my family to go Greek and not knowing many Panhellenic women, I had little to no idea of what to expect going through recruitment. What to wear, how to prepare, and what to say, I had many questions. I’ve asked around and figured I would give potential new members (PNMS) going through the process a few tips.

Make Friends

On the first day of Recruitment, orientation, you will be assigned a rho gamma, a sorority girl who will essentially be like a “camp counselor,” or guide. Along with a rho gamma, you will get a rho gamma group, these will be a group of other PNMS you will see throughout the week. The best advice I could give you is to make friends with those girls, get their numbers, talk throughout the week, and stay connected after recruitment. While I was the only one in my group to run home to Delta Zeta, I have kept in contact with all the girls for two years now. Having gone to many of their philanthropy events and other Panhellenic occurrences, it was been great to see familiar faces everywhere I go. For the same reason, talk to other girls in passing throughout the week. You could be waiting in line for a hot minute to enter a house but rather than stand in silence, crack a joke or compliment someone’s outfit. Who knows, they may become your sister at the end of the week. I met one of my sisters, Bailey, while walking to Greek Park one morning from our dorm and even knocked on the door of girls down the hall and became best friends, talking every night throughout recruitment.

Pack for the Weather

I don’t know whether you have lived in Florida your whole life or are coming from out of state but let me tell you this weather is HOT. You will have little time in the A/C aside from being in the houses and you should be prepared. You will likely be provided water in your tents and drinks inside the houses but remember to pack the essentials including makeup to freshen up, a handheld fan, deodorant, perfume, a brush, and flats to walk between houses. You may be dripping sweat and feel a little self-conscious but don’t. Remember every girl you will talk to went through the same process in the same waiting-in-line-at-Disney-kind of-hot conditions. We get it! Sometimes I even bring it up in conversation to joke or make a PNM more comfortable which could be a topic for you as well. For example, I talked to a PNM last year who ended up putting her hair in a messy bun and worked it, I was so envious that I never did that my time around. On top of the heat we get those great unpredictable rainstorms *insert eye roll,* and they can put a damper on your hair, make up, shoes, or clothes. In many cases, especially lightning, the parties will be put on halt and you will remain in the house living rooms, an amazing opportunity to eat a snack or take a power nap. Anyway, bring an umbrella or rain jacket amongst the other essentials to be ahead of the game.

Be Positive, Be Confident, & Be Yourself

The recruitment experience is really what you make of it. As the week goes on you can go from having parties at all twelve houses to in some cases just one. You will have friends with more parties than you one day and less the next or vice versa, speaking from experience it can be disheartening. It is important to realize that the process is designed to best match you with a house that you will thrive in. Remember to stay positive and look toward the future, especially bid day which is a lot of fun in any sorority so feel free to ask about it in conversation! The house you get a bid from could be last on your list or your number one throughout the week; it is important that you make sure to give that sorority a chance and really put yourself out there to make friends. You may meet the trendiest girl with which you share so much in common, though you don’t run home to her, nobody is saying you can’t still be besties.

Along with becoming besties with someone, you must be yourself when talking at each party. It is certainly nerve wrecking to walk into a house and try to impress a girl but believe me, being on the “inside” and having to talk to PNMS is even more intimidating. We love to hear about your leadership experience, family, rough roommate stories, the Netflix shows you binge, and even your latest vacation. I talked to a girl about Gossip Girl one day and ended up meeting her sister whose jersey name was “Little J” the next. Don’t focus so much on what you’re wearing, though something cute and unique can make you stand out, focus on making a new friend and be confident in what you’re saying. Most importantly be yourself. You can’t truly find your “people” if you pretend to be someone else, though I promise that each UCF sorority is so diverse that you will find people you have stuff in common whether its through recruitment or at a campus event.

I hope these tips help you to feel a little more prepared for your emotional, yet fun recruitment experience and give you the confidence you need to thrive. UCF Panhellenic has given my sisters and I so much more than “friends that I pay for,” but a loving community of great women who support each other across campus and the country. I can’t wait to either meet you or for you to meet my sisters!

XO Taylor Soviero



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